Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Inspiration Speaking To The Soul, The True You

Live for the moment not the past or the future because this very moment is all we truthfully have! Why waste your time dwelling on the past, too many mixed emotions that can drag a person down.
It is your choice and you have the choice to follow different paths, if the present situation isn't what you wanted, surrender yourself to it because everything happens for a reason and mostly it is to teach us an important lesson and to give us strength to move forward, and if you look at it like that, it actually will not seem that bad and after a while, kinda humorous. Take it day by day with short term goals and small successes rather than trying to reach a large one right away.
You will find that in ten years time you may have reached the top and though ten years sounds like a lot of time, it is not, looking backwards ten years doesn't seem like that long at all! Never give up, just keep trying and you will eventually get to the hard one and will understand how to conquer it, because of this small successes. We all have freewill, to make our own choices so why bother yourselves with the burden of worrying about the past or future, just live for today because the future is nothing more than a dream away so live for the now, this present moment. you need only ask yourself one question in times of tribulation or stress or anger and so on, what would my higher self do? Follow your intuition and learn to listen and trust your heart because it is there you will find the answers.And most importantly if you are able to do this, if you stop seeking happiness, you will find it! I hope you all find what your looking for but remember to stop seeking it, it will come in due time. I also hope you find some inspiration in these words and hope they act as seeds to your brain and mind because words are merely words but and idea that plants itself within you, is enlightenment in a sense.
Copyright © 2014 Tanya Wallace.

Monday, September 23, 2013

To Love Thyself Like A Little Flower

                                    Copyright Tanya Wallace, wild violet.

My new quote

Take life like a grain of salt, the less you care about what others think about you, the more you tend to respect and care about yourself such as a little flower shrouded by the woods, unseen by some but appreciated, loved and respected by others for they know the flowers true beauty, rarity and value...quote on quote, copyright Tanya Ann Denise Wallace. 

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Just Some Writing Thoughts,Self Promotion and Promotion...

Not only promoted a few established writing websites in my group Beauty Of The Written Word but also joined a few of them. Will see where it goes :) If I like them will also promote them on here.

Was rather pleased when one of my posts was Favorited on twitter today by Civil Vision International :)

Check out my fabulous group of writers/readers and posters on Facebook at Beauty Of The Written Word.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Fakes and Frauds

You know,upon much contemplation recently and silently watching as Facebook plays out,  I have to say what angers me the most is to see all these fakers, people who pretend to know of the supernatural world,who pretend to believe it exists or that they are part of it when they know nothing of it, when they have not experienced it in any way or form and yet, they pretend to know or be something they are not when those of us who are part of it, who do know well of it are scrutinized, picked apart and not believed because of these fakers..We are those who are different from the rest if humanity and that's what separates us from the rest,the great divide.

It angers me for those of us who are part of the supernatural world to be mocked simply because of these people and/or by these same very people who know naught of what it is to be part if it.

Fakers playing a game, while those of us who are part of it, silently watch this ridiculous prevaricate play out,only to be served an injustice when we do speak up because of the fakers...Those people  who cannot even show their true faces...I stand up now and say, it angers me,  despite the fact I exceed the 25th evolution of the raven...not that of the human who plays their little games and many still only on the sixth evolution,not the seventh which is in fact the sixth sense...It's fun for them,yes,because they know naught,their ignorance blinds them from truly seeing or believing for they have never delved into the unknown because they fear it but they pretend to be fearless and part of it,yes fun,but what of those who know and feel what it is like to be different or chosen and who are part of it?

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Haunting Darkness (Part 1)

I am finally back and have decided to go full force once again...
The first part of a story in which I have written. Usually I would publish them, but have decided to publish it on my own site for a change :) This is a horror and there is some graphic imagery as well as explicit language so not recommended for children. I hope you all enjoy!

                                                        A Haunting Darkness (Part 1)

As he waits in the darkness for the creature he is about to turn into, his nearby friend that soars the skies, the raven never leaving his side, will be his eyes because unlike him,his raven friend is mortal.

They said the new world was mostly made up of vampires in hiding,they, the vampires were many but to no extent of the human race who bred like parasites...

The human race had to go on as usual for without humans all would lose their food, their cravings for that wonderful warm luxurious blood that never ceased to stop...

But damn them all to hell! No he was different, part vampire by nature I suppose you could say, for he to feasted on the very blood that kept them alive, blood that allowed him also to live but no, he was no vampire, only a mere human but a savage by night...

How it all began was while in alley way one night,hunting for mere scraps out of grocery store dumpsters,something he had become familiar with as they always contained good edible food, seemingly,from out of nowhere,some men suddenly jumped out of a van. Quickly grabbing and restraining him, they covered his head and bound his feet and hands with chains.

Once released he found himself laying on a bed surrounded by scientists, who, after being held captive for well over a year, savagely being experimented on,they had managed to create a new high bred werewolf, but unlike the others who had a full body of hair and looked like a large wolf needing a full moon to change,he didn't display any of those godforsaken traits.

He did,however; have their strength, the shape of their eyes, the sheer massiveness of their bodies and their vicious thirst for blood.And it didn't matter about a full moon to his body, as long as the moon shone he could and would change.

Was he cursed? Yes, oh yes he was cursed because even the vampires could not kill him,something he wanted more than anything!

For death to arrive at his door would be a glorious dream to him, to dance with the devil, a beast he would most definitely try to kill only hoping for his own extinction." If only," he thought night after night.

It's funny now because thinking back,he once used to think when the devil comes knocking at your door,what do you say, and his usual thought up answer was,"Jesus could you get that for me,"well now, now he just thought,"Knock motherfucker knock!"

Copyright © 2013 Tanya Wallace

Friday, March 08, 2013

Trim it down to size with a light bulb

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How To Get Rid Of A Womans Worst Nightmare: Stretch Marks

The most effective treatments available for getting rid of stretch marks most often caused by childbirth. While some treatments are expensive, others are inexpensive and just as effective in some cases but natural. Also looking into prevention, before and after pregnancy and what should be done in each case to minimize stretch marks as naturally as possible.

How To Get Rid Of A Womans Worst Nightmare: Stretch Marks

Why Watermelon Is One Of The Best Beneficial Fruits You Can Choose To Eat, Grow Or Buy

Explaining why watermelon is considered to be one of the best summer fruits there is, listing the many health benefits that come from eating this tasty melon. Also contains information about growing and buying and how to help you to know whether your actually picking a ripe melon or not.Eating watermelon not only a good way to beat the summer heat but its also excellent for a healthy life style!

Why Watermelon Is One Of The Best Beneficial Fruits You Can Choose To Eat, Grow Or Buy

A Year in The Life of Tanya Wallace

A story showing that despite the hardships you can suffer,it is possible to keep moving forward.For one bad thing there is one good thing,you just have to see it.You can always find inspiration even when you do not think it.

A Year in The Life of Tanya Wallace

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The music of Song writer Louis Brown

For any and all of you who is interested in country music or gospel music, check out my friends,Louis Browns' newest collection of songs.Louis us a talented,award winning song writer who is already making hits with his newest collection as you will find below! Happy listening folks,hope you enjoy! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Fathers Love

This is a story I wrote for my dad who got diagnosed with small cell carcenoma cancer just 3 short months ago..

A week before fathers day he lost the battle to this horrible illness and I can honestly say during those 3 months,despite having lost his hair,90 pounds,all his muscle and his dignity,what he did not lose was his spirit..And though his body or rather his prison may be lost to this world,his spirit is not as you will clearly see in this story.

During those 3 months my dad did not give up,he fought with all his might even though it turned out to be a futile mission in the end and though I remember saying to my mom,"It went by too quick!"
With softness in her voice,she replied back, "Though it may have been quick to you Tanya,those last 3 months were the longest,hardest months of your dads whole entire life."
Having spent the three months with my parents,helping out in any way I could,remembering his suffering and contemplating what my mom had said, I eventually answered,"Yes I suppose they were." Trailing off with a weighted silence on each of our hearts and minds.

A couple of days before fathers day I had a dream of him, which this story is about..Not thinking about it at first, I had not actually said what the message in the story was as it seemed somewhat irrelevant because the story was not actually about the message but now that I think about it, I suppose it was to an extent.So with that said he told me to tell my mom to start going outside and doing the things she loved to do again and that would make things easier and a bit better for her..

Since the time I wrote it, I had excellent responses from my family and my friends on face book and Twitter...Many said that it made them cry because it was so beautiful,while others said it gives hope to those who have lost thier loved ones so to no prevail please follow the link and I hope you enjoy.

A Father’s Love | Authspot

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Rain Inspired Pictures In My Head

Hating the rain even though its well needed...Listening to some U2 and wondering wtf..Thinkin back to the rainy days in the UK, remembering the rain as it bounced off the cobblestone and tiled roofs of the old houses and as it seemingly sunk in the ancient stones of the castles in ruins as though the stones themselves needed a drink  of the fresh water as it dripped into the crevices and cracks and the numerous gardens bursting with color and life as they glistened delightfully with the well needed rain..

Oh shite, I'm back in Canada now looking at the large, freshly mowed field they call a park and the other direction,4 cop cars,2 inspection cars and numerous other official vehicles at natural resources wondering whose crop they are getting ready to raid.Lmao. ;)

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Being A Survivor

My new quote to spark some motivation and inspiration :)

"When life gets you down, don't be a victim,be a fighter because if there's one thing the human race knows how to do, its survive."

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Love thyself

Just a new quote I wrote as I got tired of contemplating all that of which was going wrong in my life lately and started looking at what was right and before I knew it I was happy and thinking positively rather than negatively..

"Instead of looking at what's wrong in your life,look at what's this everyday and you'll not only thank yourself for it,you'll love yourself!"

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Showcasing the Artwork of Talented Young Artist Candice Wallace

Showcasing my daughter Candice Wallace's artwork..she wants to become a tattoo artist one day and with her talent, I think its highly possible.

Her idol is Kat Von D, who admittedly, being somewhat out of touch, I have to say I had no idea as to who she was until Candice pointed it out or rather drilled it into my head "Only the best tattoo artist alive"... My daughter who can virtually tell you pretty much anything about Kat Von D dreams of being as good as her one day and who knows maybe she will be...

Candice definately has the talent, most of these she created by the age of 16!

Personally speaking, as her mom, I think that if Candice used this talent a lot more she would become the best she that she could be, but if I know her,she will when she's ready! ;) Here's lookin at you kiddo! ;)

As a final note,the bottom sketch is my favorite and though it is sinister,it displays some fantastic imagination and artistry.

Candice is also into dubstep music, creating and mixing,her name Hellqueen...If you would like to check some of her music out go to:

If you wanna take a peek or get more info about Kat Von d you can see her on MySpace at
Kat Von D

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Working With What You Have

Just contemplating how many people try to act better than others or pretend to be people thier not and honestly it all irrelevant because...

"I don't care what others have or can do,its what I have and what I can do that counts!"

Keep that as a perspective in your life and you will see that there really is no reason to envy others because we all have something to offer. No two people are the same so why try to be? Perhaps those you envy would secretly choose to trade places because no one knows what's going on in another persons head unless they tell you...Try being yourself for a while,it might just surprise you!

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Location : Address not available

Just like the wind never give up

Location : Notre Dame Ave, St Andrews, NS B0H 1X0,

Recently, due to the winter weather and lack of sun, I seem to have lost a lot of my motivation until I seemingly felt the wind on my face that reached something within me,my spirit and since that time I've been writing up a storm...The photo above was taken in March of last year of me and it reminded me to keep moving forward. ;) My new quote.

"It's hard to place your feet firmly on the ground when your spirit is like the wind and when the wind moves, you blow with it, you flow with it and hot damn you go with it."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Cleasing of the Soul

Just a funny quote I wrote...

There's nothing that cleanses your soul better than getting kicked out of hell...apparently I argued to

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No Regrets

Recently I have found myself feeling like I am being taken for granted which lead me to this quote and though, in ways I may have written it from my own sadness of knowing I am,I can honestly say that I too was once guilty of this many years ago until I lost someone very dear to me and I opened my eyes....I hope this quote inspires anyone who reads it to show your love and appreciation to those whom you love in your life and to see that by doing so,it will lead to a happier life for you and all those who love you with no regrets.

"Always remember to never take those you love for granted because life is too short for the excuses as to why you do and before you know it you'll be left regretting with the words,"I should have,I could have,why didn't I?"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Resolution To The Heart

While doing some serious contemplating,oddly on Facebook, I wrote a new quote in which I am publishing here today...I would like to thank everyone for the messages/responses I had on this quote and thier kind words of support...Many thanks to them as it makes me strive to move forward in my writing as it seemed to be at a standstill. My quote is for an actual resolution that can be kept!

"Making some resolutions to only let those into my heart from now on that are worthy of being in it..who you might ask? Those who are understanding, patient and supportive people who are there when you need them and not afraid to show thier love for you.And it is those very people whom you should not take for granted because they are a life commiment."
The end? lol

Monday, November 21, 2011

Imagine Your Happy

In my ongoing quest for happiness,I've discovered one way to find happiness even when I'm down,hence the new quote.

"Take a moment to imagine that your happy,now if you keep imagining that throughout your day,chances are you will be." :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Psychic Connection Between Twins

Image By wikapedia

Taking a look into the psychic connection and coincidences of twins and the puzzling connection they have to one another without knowing it.

Sometime ago I wrote about what it is really like to be an identical twin. In this article which was named “The Truth About What It’s Really Like to be an Identical Twin” I explained that most times when twins are identical, they are created from a single fertilized ovum that splits in two and share the same placenta in the uterus often sharing an almost an identical match in DNA which goes just beyond physical appearance.
People seem to be drawn to the idea that being a twin would simply be cool or fun, and though many people can assume what it is like to be one, only an identical twin can actually tell you the truth of the matter. In the article I went on to explain the pros and cons of being an identical twin. One of the upsides is that you always have a.........

To read full article visit:
The Psychic Connection Between Twins

As always hope you enjoy!

The Truth About What It's Really Like to be an Identical Twin

Photo:My sister and I.

Taking a look into what it is really like being born an identical twin, the good aspects and the bad.

Identical twins or Monozygtic twins by the scientific name are almost Always born of the same sex and their traits and physical appearances are very similar but not exact, although, their DNA is almost identical. The environmental conditions both in the womb and throughout identical twins lives enables and influences them to be able to switch on and off various genes.
Being born as an identical twin, people always say to me what is it like being a twin, or I wish I had a twin, would that ever be cool! These people often have the misconception.....

To read full article visit:

The Truth About What It's Really Like to be an Identical Twin

As always hope you enjoy!

Pledge To Yourself

Most often times, in our need to make everyone else happy and please others, we tend to forget about the most important person,ourselves. A new quote I wrote inspired by the realization of this in my own life.

"If your unable to devote yourself to your own happiness,how can you expect anyone else to."

Thanks for reading as always and I hope you find some inspiration to take from this in your own life.

To View discussion from this quote visit my Facebook Notes

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Kind words

My new quote, "A single kind word will not only brighten someone's day,it may brighten thier life."

Monday, September 05, 2011

Giving Is More Worthy Than Recieving

Why do some people act like they are better than others...we are all born the same way...with nothing and we are all gonna die the same way..with nothing...With this wave of thought it sparked me to write this quote..."Life is measured by the give, not the get and got."

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th, Unlucky Or Lucky?

Image By Wikapedia Commons

In the spirit of Friday the 13, I decided to write an article taking a look into why this day is really considered a bad day. With the facts present, perhaps you will see beyond the superstitions and myths and see Friday the thirteenth in a different light, researching this thouroughly, I did!

Looking into my own life, personally, I believe Friday the 13th to be a fairly lucky day for me, although,many people do not and throughout history it has somehow become a superstitious day associated with bad luck. But why?

Why do some builders and architects still exclude the number 13 from their floors and why is it that this so call day/number.....................

Read more:

Friday The 13th, Unlucky Or Lucky?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Photography Creations Of Ashley Watson

Recently I spoke of hightlighting the work of those who gave me some really good writing suggestions and I am a woman of my word. Today I will be covering the photographer Ashley Watson also known as Lotash by his followers and I for one happen to be one of them for the brilliant, creative photos this man continously comes up with.

Because Ashley takes has two different sides of photography, I am going to be adding it here as well as Artistic Visions Gardening for his floral photography and here for some of his creative works, both sides equally good and both sides continuing to get better as time progresses.

If you want a photo taken Ashley he may just be the man to take it but if you want a creative piece of photography, Ashley is 100 percent the man you want to take it! Take a look at some of this phenominal work and you will see why. All copyright on the below images belongs to Ashley Watson.

Flames By Lotash

Copyright 2011 Ashley Watson

The holy face of Mary by Lotash

Copyright 2011 Ashley Watson

Trees by Lotash

Copyright 2011 Ashley Watson

Light By Lotash

Copyright 2011 Ashley Watson

If you want to contact Ashley about his photography, his email is;

Ashley Watson's Facebook profile

Contact Ashley Watson on Facebook

Or if you just want to check out some of his work, you can find it at;

Lotash On Flickr

Friday, May 06, 2011

Ways To Market Your Work Online To Get More Traffic And Profits

Many new writers have been asking me for advice for quite some time and though I could quite easily write an article about this and publish it elsewhere, I decided to post it directly to my own website for a change and with any luck those who read it will find it helpful.

There are many ways to increase traffic to your site and articles, although I am  specifically speaking about articles in this case and  none of these ways involve reposting your articles on other sites such as wikinut for example, in fact, they decrease the value of the original article. People  often make the mistake in believing they will be doubling the amount they get paid on thier work by doing so, however; this is not the case. When  publishing an article and then reposting that same article a couple of days later to another site,though most don't know it, the second site will pay you very little for that already published article and, on top of that, the original then goes into a low pay scale because you published it elsewhere and your so called great article then becomes virtually dead in the water as you are then getting less traffic to both.

When looking at it this way, it  doesn't  sound quite as good as you first thought huh.It really is a no win situation when you repost your work and apart from everything else I have just mentioned, instead of taking the time to write another quality article, you  actually just wasted that time reposting the article that you will now be getting paid less for!

Places like Factoidz do not even allow you to repost articles for three days because they know it is taking away the traffic from the original article.

Regardless to say, that would be my first tip to new content writers, instead of wasting your time reposting your articles, spend it on marketing the original and writing another article. I never repost my work but I do market my work  extensively and that truly is one of the key points for any good writer, knowing how to market thier work efficiently and effectively.

An excellent place to start is with the usage of search engines, they not only increase the value of your article, they effortlessly add your article to 25 different search engines at a time! Try a search for  free web submitters, it costs you nothing but time but it is time well spent. Below I have added 4 free web submission sites that I use to make it easier for you, all I ask is that you click an add or two on my website as a thankyou to me for taking the time to write this as well as add these very useful links you should get accustomed to using.

Also Facebook, Stumble upon and Twitter are excellent ways to market your work, especially if you spend some time on there checking out others stuff, if you are not willing to give back and put the time in doing so, these networking sites, needless to say, they are a waste of time.

Two other places you can market your work are Redgage and Shetoldme which have some nice little added perks for posting your link especially RedGage. They give you a small percentage of the money they receive on ads to post your links to their site, you are also entered into a daily contest as well for 25 dollars. This is a win win because not only are you marketing your work, you are getting paid to do so and it does not take a lot of time.

Joining forums are also quite good although make sure you participate in the active conversations going on,otherwise you will get kicked out for spamming.

Now the last thing I would really like to say if you want success, market, market and market!

Free Search Engine Submitters


Free Search Engine Submission  

Submit Express.Com  

Free Web Submission.Com 


Copyright 2011 Tanya Wallace

I hope everyone finds this helpful whether your a new or seasoned content writer! Cheers Tanya

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