Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Showcasing the Artwork of Talented Young Artist Candice Wallace

Showcasing my daughter Candice Wallace's artwork..she wants to become a tattoo artist one day and with her talent, I think its highly possible.

Her idol is Kat Von D, who admittedly, being somewhat out of touch, I have to say I had no idea as to who she was until Candice pointed it out or rather drilled it into my head "Only the best tattoo artist alive"... My daughter who can virtually tell you pretty much anything about Kat Von D dreams of being as good as her one day and who knows maybe she will be...

Candice definately has the talent, most of these she created by the age of 16!

Personally speaking, as her mom, I think that if Candice used this talent a lot more she would become the best she that she could be, but if I know her,she will when she's ready! ;) Here's lookin at you kiddo! ;)

As a final note,the bottom sketch is my favorite and though it is sinister,it displays some fantastic imagination and artistry.

Candice is also into dubstep music, creating and mixing,her name Hellqueen...If you would like to check some of her music out go to:

If you wanna take a peek or get more info about Kat Von d you can see her on MySpace at
Kat Von D
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