Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Fakes and Frauds

You know,upon much contemplation recently and silently watching as Facebook plays out,  I have to say what angers me the most is to see all these fakers, people who pretend to know of the supernatural world,who pretend to believe it exists or that they are part of it when they know nothing of it, when they have not experienced it in any way or form and yet, they pretend to know or be something they are not when those of us who are part of it, who do know well of it are scrutinized, picked apart and not believed because of these fakers..We are those who are different from the rest if humanity and that's what separates us from the rest,the great divide.

It angers me for those of us who are part of the supernatural world to be mocked simply because of these people and/or by these same very people who know naught of what it is to be part if it.

Fakers playing a game, while those of us who are part of it, silently watch this ridiculous prevaricate play out,only to be served an injustice when we do speak up because of the fakers...Those people  who cannot even show their true faces...I stand up now and say, it angers me,  despite the fact I exceed the 25th evolution of the raven...not that of the human who plays their little games and many still only on the sixth evolution,not the seventh which is in fact the sixth sense...It's fun for them,yes,because they know naught,their ignorance blinds them from truly seeing or believing for they have never delved into the unknown because they fear it but they pretend to be fearless and part of it,yes fun,but what of those who know and feel what it is like to be different or chosen and who are part of it?
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