Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Rain Inspired Pictures In My Head

Hating the rain even though its well needed...Listening to some U2 and wondering wtf..Thinkin back to the rainy days in the UK, remembering the rain as it bounced off the cobblestone and tiled roofs of the old houses and as it seemingly sunk in the ancient stones of the castles in ruins as though the stones themselves needed a drink  of the fresh water as it dripped into the crevices and cracks and the numerous gardens bursting with color and life as they glistened delightfully with the well needed rain..

Oh shite, I'm back in Canada now looking at the large, freshly mowed field they call a park and the other direction,4 cop cars,2 inspection cars and numerous other official vehicles at natural resources wondering whose crop they are getting ready to raid.Lmao. ;)

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