Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Inspiration Speaking To The Soul, The True You

Live for the moment not the past or the future because this very moment is all we truthfully have! Why waste your time dwelling on the past, too many mixed emotions that can drag a person down.
It is your choice and you have the choice to follow different paths, if the present situation isn't what you wanted, surrender yourself to it because everything happens for a reason and mostly it is to teach us an important lesson and to give us strength to move forward, and if you look at it like that, it actually will not seem that bad and after a while, kinda humorous. Take it day by day with short term goals and small successes rather than trying to reach a large one right away.
You will find that in ten years time you may have reached the top and though ten years sounds like a lot of time, it is not, looking backwards ten years doesn't seem like that long at all! Never give up, just keep trying and you will eventually get to the hard one and will understand how to conquer it, because of this small successes. We all have freewill, to make our own choices so why bother yourselves with the burden of worrying about the past or future, just live for today because the future is nothing more than a dream away so live for the now, this present moment. you need only ask yourself one question in times of tribulation or stress or anger and so on, what would my higher self do? Follow your intuition and learn to listen and trust your heart because it is there you will find the answers.And most importantly if you are able to do this, if you stop seeking happiness, you will find it! I hope you all find what your looking for but remember to stop seeking it, it will come in due time. I also hope you find some inspiration in these words and hope they act as seeds to your brain and mind because words are merely words but and idea that plants itself within you, is enlightenment in a sense.
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