Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Fathers Love

This is a story I wrote for my dad who got diagnosed with small cell carcenoma cancer just 3 short months ago..

A week before fathers day he lost the battle to this horrible illness and I can honestly say during those 3 months,despite having lost his hair,90 pounds,all his muscle and his dignity,what he did not lose was his spirit..And though his body or rather his prison may be lost to this world,his spirit is not as you will clearly see in this story.

During those 3 months my dad did not give up,he fought with all his might even though it turned out to be a futile mission in the end and though I remember saying to my mom,"It went by too quick!"
With softness in her voice,she replied back, "Though it may have been quick to you Tanya,those last 3 months were the longest,hardest months of your dads whole entire life."
Having spent the three months with my parents,helping out in any way I could,remembering his suffering and contemplating what my mom had said, I eventually answered,"Yes I suppose they were." Trailing off with a weighted silence on each of our hearts and minds.

A couple of days before fathers day I had a dream of him, which this story is about..Not thinking about it at first, I had not actually said what the message in the story was as it seemed somewhat irrelevant because the story was not actually about the message but now that I think about it, I suppose it was to an extent.So with that said he told me to tell my mom to start going outside and doing the things she loved to do again and that would make things easier and a bit better for her..

Since the time I wrote it, I had excellent responses from my family and my friends on face book and Twitter...Many said that it made them cry because it was so beautiful,while others said it gives hope to those who have lost thier loved ones so to no prevail please follow the link and I hope you enjoy.

A Father’s Love | Authspot
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