Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my portfolio page On Mystify The Mind. As much as I would like to do a simple bio I am too indepth for that so here goes...lol

My name is Tanya Wallace. I was born and raised in Canada,however;have lived all over including England..

I have many interests,however; writing is my calling and I am very passionate about it. I have been writing since the age of five and completed my first story by the age of seven, although probably horrible at the time, obviously to a seven year old, it was the best story ever written,well that is besides Hans Christian Anderson stories..

My two favorite quotes are: (To know thine own mind,write) and (Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all,
accurately so they will be guided by its light.) The second quote is by Pulitzer, a quote I try to remember when writing and one I very much admire.

A quote I wrote and fully believe is, (A writer is one who processes words intellectually and then pieces those words together like a puzzle.)

 I did own a small gardening and design business in the U.K as well as Canada so obviously am quite adept at gardening as well as garden design and writing about it.

To extend on my interests ,they include, writing, writing, writing and more writing, however; gardening,reading, photography, theology, art and spritual matters are among the many other things I like to express myself with.

Mystify the Mind is my writing site, which covers virtually every topic you can think of apart from gardening which I leave to my gardening site. I do love to write poetry as well as short stories so you will find a lot of them here as well as articles dealing with various subjects on topics that range from health to horror and the paranormal to every day living.

Taking me three years I finally completed the last draft of my first horror novel and I am currently working on the sequel to it. I also have writing blog and am a published poet, although as far as poetry goes ,I love writing it but the money sure stinks! I write for quite a few websites and have been published for both writing and photograhy in some magazines.

My writing site called "Artistic Visions Gardening"  covers many things a lot of sites do not cover including floral photography, plant meanings, biblical plants, gardens and design as well as growing information on most plants that are common. 

Artistic Visions Gardening includes everything from tips to designs.I have an extensive knowledge about gardening and horticulture and have taught at workshops in universities relating to this subject. One of my articles, "Why Gardening Is Good For You," was recently quoted on ABC Action News on one of their popular stories called "Seven Ways To Be Happier Everyday" and can be found here on this site.

I am currently promoting and selling my best photography online.I am no stranger to promoting my own work and have become quite efficient at it.

Phewwww I wrote all that in one breath,good thing I'm good at holding my breath or I would be dead! lol Sorry to bore you with the long extended version of my bio,next time I will try a half breath and see where that gets me. :-D

Once again thanks again for visiting my profile page. I hope you enjoy my site and find the information both useful and helpful. If you have any question regarding Mystify the Mind or any of the information on this site please feel free to contact me I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


In order to keep this blog going Mystify The Mind earns advertising revenue from various sources on this blog. When I write a review I am expressing my own opinion about certain products and services but I am not endorsing them, I am merely writing about what I think about the product or service. I do suggest that if interested in the products or services, you should do some research on the said product or service that is mentioned before buying.


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