Monday, June 24, 2013

A Haunting Darkness (Part 1)

I am finally back and have decided to go full force once again...
The first part of a story in which I have written. Usually I would publish them, but have decided to publish it on my own site for a change :) This is a horror and there is some graphic imagery as well as explicit language so not recommended for children. I hope you all enjoy!

                                                        A Haunting Darkness (Part 1)

As he waits in the darkness for the creature he is about to turn into, his nearby friend that soars the skies, the raven never leaving his side, will be his eyes because unlike him,his raven friend is mortal.

They said the new world was mostly made up of vampires in hiding,they, the vampires were many but to no extent of the human race who bred like parasites...

The human race had to go on as usual for without humans all would lose their food, their cravings for that wonderful warm luxurious blood that never ceased to stop...

But damn them all to hell! No he was different, part vampire by nature I suppose you could say, for he to feasted on the very blood that kept them alive, blood that allowed him also to live but no, he was no vampire, only a mere human but a savage by night...

How it all began was while in alley way one night,hunting for mere scraps out of grocery store dumpsters,something he had become familiar with as they always contained good edible food, seemingly,from out of nowhere,some men suddenly jumped out of a van. Quickly grabbing and restraining him, they covered his head and bound his feet and hands with chains.

Once released he found himself laying on a bed surrounded by scientists, who, after being held captive for well over a year, savagely being experimented on,they had managed to create a new high bred werewolf, but unlike the others who had a full body of hair and looked like a large wolf needing a full moon to change,he didn't display any of those godforsaken traits.

He did,however; have their strength, the shape of their eyes, the sheer massiveness of their bodies and their vicious thirst for blood.And it didn't matter about a full moon to his body, as long as the moon shone he could and would change.

Was he cursed? Yes, oh yes he was cursed because even the vampires could not kill him,something he wanted more than anything!

For death to arrive at his door would be a glorious dream to him, to dance with the devil, a beast he would most definitely try to kill only hoping for his own extinction." If only," he thought night after night.

It's funny now because thinking back,he once used to think when the devil comes knocking at your door,what do you say, and his usual thought up answer was,"Jesus could you get that for me,"well now, now he just thought,"Knock motherfucker knock!"

Copyright © 2013 Tanya Wallace
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